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Red Bull UK 23.1.20

Delivering a Red Bull experience globally.

Legacy systems were stifling creativity and collaboration.

Red Bull had relocated to new offices in Covent Garden. In the move they took legacy audio-visual equipment with them and, with the support of a larger AV provider, had installed several meeting rooms and two event spaces.

After careful consideration of how they wanted to support their staff to be creative and find new ways of working, Red Bull decided they needed to rethink their office. It was time to redevelop their London Head Office into an inspiring space for their people and clients.

Meeting room

Building an office space that’s more than meeting rooms and desks​.

Familiar with their current systems, Sam, Invisible Inc’s managing director approached the team at Red Bull and started to share his thoughts about how they could build an environment that delivered more.

Putting user experience at the heart of the design, we worked together to shape and implement a plan that combined multiple bespoke meeting rooms.

The new design delivered a consistent experience across their offices and brought together the highest quality (4K) wired and wireless sharing devices. We also built the control programme that tied it all together, a custom input-switching interface allowing for networked control, audio and remote monitoring. This meant Invisible Inc could support Red Bull remotely and minimise any system down time.

Meeting room control panel

A versatile space to delight their team and clients.

Inspired by the changes to their offices, the Red Bull team turned their attention to the 5th Floor space. What began as a café and meeting room, they wanted to evolve into a versatile entertaining area for their people and clients.

Together we envisioned a place where ideas are shaped, connections are made, and the Red Bull experience was delivered.

Red Bull wanted to change the feel of the room at the push of a button, making space for a boardroom, bar, dancefloor, café or presentation area.

They threw us the challenge of building a large media wall that could bring their content and stories to life. Luke, operations director at Invisible Inc went away and thought about how considered technology design could meet the brief – and the answer was a 130inch media wall and a 4K VoIP video distribution system. Luke first came up with the concept and design, and eventually delivered a finalised detailed building plan for their construction team to deliver.

Pillared room

Giving wings to people and ideas.

The new offices spaces in Covent Garden have helped the Red Bull UK team to reimagine what their work spaces can look like, easy to use places that foster collaboration, joy and creativity. And we’ve happily signed on to support Red Bull as their sole AV integrator.

Our next project together will look to reimagine their UK and European flagship boardrooms. Where the big decisions happen.